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Why does anyone buy anything?

Because the cost of not having it is greater than the cost of acquiring it.

This is true for almost everything but especially for sales and marketing.

If you want to thrive as a creative professional, you need to understand what it takes for someone to buy from you.

Otherwise, you just might starve.

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When is it time to launch your latest product?

The answer is before you think it’s ready.

This is where you make your product public.

Is it a book? A course? A new coaching program?

Now is the time for you to let the world know.

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Digital products have changed my life. Courses. Ebooks. Coaching programs. Masterminds. Membership sites. All of it.

Making things and sharing them on the Internet has revolutionized the way I live, learn, and earn a living.

And if you aren’t taking advantage of this revolution right now, you are missing out on a lot.

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How do you create something from nothing?

You don’t.

You always start with something.

Creation comes from chaos.

And so will your next book, course, or big project.

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One of the challenges of being a creative professional is that you aren’t always sure what people will buy.

It often feels like a game of Roulette, in which you have to create a lot of work, hoping someone will buy something.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could sell something before you ever created it?

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So many people set out to create a product—whether it’s a book, a coaching service, or an online course—and assume they know what people want.

Don’t do that.

Instead of assuming, just ask.

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People don’t typically buy what they need. They buy what they want.

Which is why I love the saying:

“Sell them what they want, give them what they need.”

But how, exactly, do we do that?

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It’s time you started thriving, and that really begins with you changing your mind.

But maybe you don’t realize that you’re a starving artist.

Maybe it didn’t occur to you that the way you think about yourself and your work is actually holding you back.

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What I’ve learned since leaving the nonprofit world and starting a business, which included becoming an author, speaker, and digital entrepreneur, is that you can do a lot of good through business.

I now believe that the best way for me to help people is through business. I don’t think that’s true for everyone, but it’s been true for me and for many of my friends.

I know a lot of people who come from a ministry or a nonprofit background who are now doing more good in terms of the number of people they are able to help through for-profit enterprises.

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Learning how to be unapologetically ourselves in our writing and creative work is the first step to becoming effective at what we do.

If we don’t do this, our writing will not resonate with our audience.

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