The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins

There was a time when artists were commissioned to create for royalty and other wealthy patrons.

While it isn’t widely done today, there is a way for you to become the patron of your own art and our guest will tell us how she did it.

Cathy Heller is a musician, podcaster, entrepreneur and deep soul. In her own words, she helps people do the things they are called to do in a way that no one else can do them.

And she does this in a variety of ways including her podcast, online courses, and an upcoming book.

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Do you ever think about how you can be happier?

Someone who knows is here to tell us!

Our guest today, Alli Worthington, is sharing her knowledge on the how of happiness.

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Have you ever been afraid to share something special about you?

Our guest has, but her journey has shown her how to overcome that fear and stand beautiful in her uniqueness.

Chloe Howard joins us on The Portfolio Life to talk about being born different, and what happened to give her the strength and courage to speak her truth.

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