The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins

Is your work timely or timeless?

That is, is it something that is relevant to your current place in history, or does it transcend the limitations of its context?

You may be thinking that the goal of every artist is to do work that lasts, but this is a myth.

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It’s one thing to call yourself a writer; it’s quite another to actually write.

So what separates the pros from the amateurs?

Is it God-given talent? Natural skill? Or something else?

Of course, we all have gifts that we’ve been given.

This is grace, the fact that we have things we are good at — and don’t deserve them.

But what we do with those gifts is what separates the outliers from the rest of the pack.

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Has a really good story every moved you to feel or to act?

That is the true art of storytelling.

Someone who knows this well and has honed this art is Scott Harrison of charity: water.

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It was late that night as I sat on my friend Ian’s porch and poured out my heart.

What I had to share, though, I hadn’t told anybody, and it had been eating me up inside for a few years now.

It was time somebody knew.

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